List of 35 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

Decision-making is a critical life requirement. Consequently, it is a typical daily activity to compare and contrast things to make an informed decision. That notwithstanding, some students find themselves wanting when assigned such an essay. Well, writing a piece of any kind has never been an easy task for students.

As humans, we sometimes have to make a choice between two or more things. That is what a compare and contrast kind of essay seeks to achieve. You think through the characteristics of the said issues/objects using the same criteria to discover their features. Afterward, you draw a conclusion based on their similarity and uniqueness. So you can compare people, places, apps, software, events. You place the two objects side by side to define their likenesses and differences.

Writing a compare and contrast essay requires much time and research. Unlike other types of essays, there is no room for personal thoughts and feelings. It should be based on proven facts and examples. 

Steps to follow in choosing a topic for Compare and Contrast Essays

  • Before choosing a topic, consider your target audience. What are the interests of those groups? What do they care about? It is technology, social issues, or politics. Defining this propels you to the next level.
  • Choose a subject or objects belonging to the same category. As being said, you can compare apples and oranges. Therefore, you need things that are similar but unique in their own way. An example is comparing a homemade facemask to an N95 mask, buying fast foods compared to cooking yourself etc. 
  • Research is an essential aspect of every essay. Before you consider comparing two objects, make a background investigation of them, or let professionals from do it for you. Do research about their origin, features, how they operate, longevity, and pros and cons, among others, to write a discerning piece. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Students

  1. Android vs. iOS 
  2. E-mail vs. usual post
  3. Online shopping vs. shopping at malls
  4. Video calling vs. phone calls
  5. Smart house vs. usual home
  6. Huawei vs. Apple
  7. Orthodox vs. herbal medicine
  8. Rock vs. rap music
  9. Hiring a house vs. owning a home
  10. Linux vs. Windows
  11. Firefox vs. Google chrome
  12. Tablets vs. textbooks
  13. Desktop computers vs. laptops 
  14. Vegetable vs. fruits 
  15. Men vs. women leadership
  16. monarchy vs. democracy 
  17. Which was devastating: World War I vs. World War II
  18. Livestock farming vs. poultry farming 
  19. Trump vs. Obama administration 
  20. Leadership skills Vladimir Putin vs. Donald Trump
  21. Audiobooks vs. textbooks
  22. Gold vs. diamond
  23. Train vs. buses
  24. Social media vs. traditional media
  25. Tic Tok vs. Snapchat
  26. Pets: cats vs. dogs 
  27. World cup vs. European cup
  28. The economic growth of America vs. China
  29. Peaceful country Switzerland vs. Canada
  30. Used or new cars 
  31. Grammy or BET Awards
  32. Swimming pools or rivers 
  33. Wealth vs. prominence 
  34. Established through wars: Europe vs. America 
  35. Dangerous country: Iran vs. North Korea 

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