A guide for students on how to choose a great topic for writing an essay

In any school program, essay writing is a vital part of the students’ studies. Many students tend to have a negative attitude towards essays that do not have a specific topic, as it is not always easy to choose a topic despite knowing the basics of essay writing. There are many online tools designed to help students with the proper guidance required to enhance their writing skills. Software platforms are now available online to help equip students with free knowledge of essay writing.

Selection of a good topic for an essay

The process of choosing a topic for an essay may prove to be more of an uphill task than the writing process itself. It is therefore essential for a student to be well equipped with knowledge on how to go about the topic selection. It is not that obvious that topic selection by the teacher is better than when the students freely choose a topic to write on by themselves. A teacher may not always put the interests of the student first when assigning topics but when the students make the selection, he/she is in a better position to choose a topic that is of interest to them. It is therefore recommendable that for selection of a good topic, students choose a theme that is of most interest to them and work on that.

Source Reliability

Plagiarism is a vice that most tutors tend to use to deduct the credit of students’ work. Most institutions consider the information presented by the student as very important and it is good to consider ensuring the least percentage or no plagiarism in your essay writing. Below are some guidelines to help present work that is not plagiarized.

  • Lecture notes and class discussions – These come in handy when the topic of research is from some of the topics covered by a teacher in class, however, with a limited amount of information. These notes could greatly help in making your work look professional. 
  • The internet - The internet is full of scammers and most people present plagiarized information on their website knowing desperate people will tend to use it. It is crucial to check domain names when using internet sources. The official websites, edu., and gov. are amongst the most reliable internet sources.
  • Printed sources – With the wide use of technology and the internet, books, journals, and other hard copy sources are seen to be old school. However, old is gold. One can collect a lot of information from books available in the library as primary sources. Print media is still mandatory when it comes to the collection of data.

The success of any student’s essay is greatly dependent on the topic chosen as this will influence what the student discusses. Online platforms offering writing services claim to give affordable pricing points. These essay writing website can be of great help to any student experiencing problems with writing their essay.

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