Examples of Argumentative Essay Topics

You can’t have English language classes without having to do lots of essay writing. It is a requirement to ensure students develop impeccable writing skills. Among the essays, you would be required to write at high school, and college is an argumentative essay.  

An argumentative essay sharpens students’ negotiation and debating skills. Most times, your professor decides on what topic to write. However, you may also have the luxury of choosing your ideas at a point. To write a compelling argumentative essay, you need to have,

  • Great Research skills
  • Writing skills
  • Analytical abilities

Each of the above skills is critical if you are to write a masterpiece that will get your audience wanting to read more. In case you lack any of the above skills, you can seek help online, from colleagues or your tutor. You can then try your hands on some topics on your own.

Where to select winning argumentative topics

Students’ wish is that teachers assign a particular topic to save them the struggle of having to choose one themselves. Nonetheless, coming up with one by yourself is a better option. It allows you to express your thought on subjects you are passionate about. So, when you have such an opportunity, always look to trusted sources for credible information.

  • You can use sources like
  • Official reports
  • Journals
  • Textbooks
  • Newspapers
  • Scientific journals
  • Government website

Tips for selecting great topic ideas

When picking an argumentative essay topic, you should consider

  • the current and topical issue, which has grabbed the attention of everyone
  • Something very important by with low public knowledge
  • Your audience, which group of people is your essay meant for
  • A controversial subject that has varied viewpoints
  • Choose sometime you are interested in or knowledgeable about

Examples of Winning Argumentative essay topics

  • There should be free education for everyone
  • Why is obesity in the US on the high?
  • Students must have the right to choose disciplines they are interested in
  • Does the current academic grading system commensurate with performance

Sports argumentative essay topics

  • Who is the greatest footballer to have played the game?
  • Why physical education must be mandatory in schools
  • Should college athletes be given special dispensation?

Argumentative essay topics for college

  • The law must prohibit tobacco production and sales
  • The death sentence should be reconsidered
  • A ban on public smocking is required
  • Voting age should be revised
  • The use of animals for experiment and research purposes should be banned
  • Why clearing of forestland for agricultural purposes should be criminalized

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  • Russia and the US government should cooperate to prevent a Third World War
  • The US should stiffen its gun control laws
  • Same-sex marriage should be illegal
  • Is there a different set of laws for the rich and poor?


Writing an argumentative essay can be easy, depending on the preparation and attention you accord it. Don’t forget first to put out a draft, write, and then review what you’ve written. If you have any difficulties, rely on friends or seek help from professional online writers. When you come up with a masterpiece, keep it as a trophy for future references.


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